From infrared readers to computerized CAD-CAM, rigorous methodology and the most
advanced production technologies. A full range of services designed to meet the emands of our customers.

Full file management

Using the file forwarded by the customer, we are able to put a full and even complex production cycle in place. We offer our customers a design and implementation service right through to the end product, with the aim of satisfying different needs and expectations.

The NScan System
The scanner will identify on screen the outline of a cardboard template and also detect notches, marks and bores: with this innovative software we are able to proceed to cutting even after just a minute of sample analysis.

An innovative CAD-CAM dual cutting head that means we can cut as many as 120 bags per day, as opposed to the 50 or so of normal machines.


Stebor’s precision cutting means the average raw material waste of hides provided by our supplier or our customer is just 0.5 percent.

  • Cad-Cam
    We use the latest generation of machines with CNC cutting blade technology. The result is maximum precision and optimized production optimization.
  • Manual or machine
    A machine with shears and punches, or a hand with a saddler’s knife and scissors: the best traditional artisanal techniques handed down over generations and applied by our team’s expert hands.

Quality Control

We operate strict quality control of raw materials…
Our pneumatic control system spots any imperfections in the leather of each individual piece.
Our objective is to ensure better performance and top quality in our products, meeting customer expectations in full.

…And the end product
Each leather item is carefully and completely inspected, including trim like zips, buckles and tassels. Packaging is also very important, to ensure our customers receive an absolutely perfect product: each metal component is isolated from the leather parts and packaging is designed to ensure products arrive in pristine condition at each and every destination.

Our methodology

From selection of materials to the final packaging, attention to detail, our watchwords are rigour and methodology.

Welcoming customers, listening to their needs

Pattern design using advanced digital technology

Selection of suppliers, choosing the best raw materials

Production: cutting, skiving, seaming, and assembly

Quality control to meet requirements in full