The ideal partner for producing your designs

A young company committed to innovation and dedicated to customer care

Stebor specializes in cutting leather for luxury handbags and for the automotive, furnishing and saddlery industries. Founded in 1994, over the years Stebor has successfully harmonized its skilled crafting and attention to detail with the latest technologies, for a service designed to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Rigorous methodology, from pattern design to hide selection, through to the end product

We check every step carefully, from sourcing the best materials to pattern design, assembly and packaging. Technology plays a key role in our production process. We proceed by scanning the pattern outline and working directly on computerized models that arrive online from around the world.

Stebor: where past meets future

1994 | Welcome, Stebor
The Stebor adventure got under way with 50,000,000 of Italy’s old lire and a mortgage.
Founder Luca Bortolotto was only twenty-one but already showed great entrepreneurial spirit.
Stebor started life as an artisanal company for cutting leather bags, but even then showed a strong leaning towards innovation, seeking out new production techniques and processes.

The Noughties | Production diversifies and expands
Stebor started out manufacturing leather bags but as time passed, the company began specializing production, winning significant contracts from leading fashion brands in Italy and abroad to make bags as well as leather parts for the automotive, furnishing and saddlery items.

2000-2010 | All-round service
Over the years Stebor has grown into a company that addresses the entire chain of
production, from selecting suppliers to quality control of each piece, welcoming customers on site, packaging and shipping, inspection of raw materials, right through to the end product, and always with the aim of providing the highest quality standards.

2010 | Keeping track of turnaround
Thanks to digital technology, we are able to give specific feedback to customers asking about production turnaround times. We believe this to be a significant step forward in achieving greater clarity and precision when drafting quotes.

2011 | ISO 9001: to ensure we meet customer expectations
Stebor was given ISO 9001 quality certification, one of the few Italian leather production and cutting facilities to achieve this important acknowledgement, declaring its ongoing commitment to improvement of organizational efficiency and production performance.

2011 to the present | The ideal partner for your designs

Today Stebor is able to offer international customers efficient response and cater to their different needs. We are the best partner for getting your ideas and your designs into production.


Style, innovation and technical expertise in a perspective of ongoing development, integrated with artisanal wisdom. The result is a product of superior quality and excellence that will satisfy the needs of even the most prestigious Italian and international brands.


From CAD-CAM design to infrared readers, the Stebor mission has always focused on
technology. Our methodology is driven by rigour and precision to achieve total customer satisfaction.

A team that works together to achieve a shared goal: top quality results

Our team comprises about 20 people, working in harmony and combining artisanal skills, attention to detail and technical innovation. We believe that teamwork is essential for working well and achieving the best products, to the satisfaction of an increasingly attentive and demanding consumer.

All-round service
20,000 bags per month
10% of turnover invested in innovation